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I need to take a lot more process pictures, but this gives an idea of how the frilled veil is going.

(Geeking planning post here for DW or here for LJ)

After pleating the frill to the veil, I started arranging the pleats and sewing them into place:

I *adore* the contrast between the frills after they're stitched in place, and how chaotic they look when they've just been pleated on.

Another "order out of chaos" picture:

A close up of the 1:4.5 ratio pleats going on.

And yes, I know I'm mixing ratios and decimals. It works for me. :-p

I have the first frill entirely attached and arranged into order. The ends aren't done, as I haven't thought about how I want to finish it up yet. The second frill is about a quarter of the way attached. It actually goes a lot more quickly than I thought it would - especially since I'm not ripping it off three times like I did at Pennsic.

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Date: 2010-09-15 06:38 pm (UTC)
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Oh, I love that! That's going to be adorable once it's finished. Though it is kind of making me want to go and make phyllo dough. Well, eat baklava, at least. All those pastry layers!


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